Do you really need to ask?: dinner [closed rp] ↗




Tony winked. “I think you got that from your father, didn’t you? I think it’s better coming from you… Less… Sinister, perhaps.” Tony took a sip from his wine glass. “So, what do you want?”

“What do you…? Uh, in life. I mean, yea, you’ve got this responsibility, you know, to uh, the dead and Hel and all that, but in other things. I mean, yes, I’m CEO of SI and Iron Man and all that, but then, I also do my own things. Course… Iron Man ismy own thing, but uh, like music and inventing and cars… Making people happy…. So what do you want to do? Besides be Queen of Hel?”

Hela once again put her elbows on the table and folds her hands underneath her chin. She closes her eyes for a moment. “You ask such difficult questions,” she says, wiping hair out of her face and tightening her cloak. “There are many things I want. But my life has already been prophesied by the Norns. A time will come when I no longer want the things I want. The things I want now will not matter.”  

"Ah, prophecies, right…" Tony said as he finished his plate. "Well, is there anything you can have that isn’t a problem? I mean, we can’t alwaysget what we want, but sometimes we can get the little things. Happiness is important…"